needing help

The Struggling

We care about those who need help and can't afford it but we really have a heart for a particular group of people few seem aware of.  These people aren't out on the streets, nor are they living in homeless shelters. Yet they have nothing left at the end of the week. They have electricity and heat for their home, but may be behind on their bills and doing their best to avoid a utility shutoff.

The Unreached

Some are single parents left with the responsibility of raising the kids. Others were downsized and find themselves in a market where their services are no longer required. Others might lack an education, or maybe thought a degree in Fine Arts to be their ticket to an amazing life.

Whatever the reason for their circumstances, these people need direction but can't afford it. Their situation is not dire enough to draw attention but they have real needs. Your contribution can offer them hope.

You Can Help . . .

Coaching offers more than a short-term fix. Coaching provides direction that can set someone's life on a whole new trajectory.