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This Coaching Empowers

Your donation funds life or career coaching services to help empower those feeling weak and helpless. Direction Connection wants to help as many people as possible gain traction who have been spinning their wheels far too long. Through the power of coaching, we want to help people move forward with their lives and get past the obstacles holding them back.

This Coaching Creates Self-sufficiency

Your donation is not a hand out. It's a hand up. It creates independence, not dependence. It builds confidence and self-sufficiency. Coaching takes a person by the hand and helps them find their own way to a better life. It helps them stand on their own two feet and supports them in their efforts towards rebuilding their life!

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This Coaching Is Personal

Many programs out there can be very impersonal, like standing in line for help. An humiliating process that can make one feel worth less, rather than worth more...and often leaving one still wondering what to do next. The coaching at Direction Connection goes out of its way to help a person find their way. We believe getting personal in this way is not unprofessional; it's simply being human.

How You Can Help . . .

Supporting this mission is easy and has its benefits.